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Corina is an open source, freely available, dendrochronology program that was developed at the Cornell Tree-Ring Laboratory.

The main features of Corina include:

  • Available for MacOSX, Windows and Linux
  • Interactive graphing
  • Multiple cross dating measures including T-scores, Weiserjahre and Trend

Although Corina remains a useful tool active development has now ceased. In 2007 work began on a new system called Tellervo which grew from the original Corina code base but has since evolved to include: a database server; integrated 3D mapping; support for different measuring platforms; barcode-based curation. We strongly suggest you consider Tellervo instead.

Suggested download

Corina Desktop v1.1

Download for Java 1.6 enabled OS

Released: 29 January 2013

Please note that this is a legacy version of Corina that is no longer developed. If you are interested in trying the latest release please contact Peter Brewer for information about the current version being used at Cornell.

Other downloads

Based on your operating system and location we think the above download is most appropriate for you. If you would prefer another version please pick from the following list.

Corina Desktop v1.1 Corina is no longer actively developed. We strongly advise you to try Tellervo instead unless you have a particular need for Corina.

Other Java 6 enabled OS
Linux (Ubuntu / Debian)
Mac OSX 10.6 / 10.7 (Snow Leopard / Lion)
Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000