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We need your samples!

Below is a description of the types of samples we are interested in receiving. We will study and measure all samples where possible and will provide you with a report. There is no charge for this service but please contact us before sending any samples.

Aegean, Near East, Central Mediterranean and Southeastern Europe

  • Archaeological charcoal or wood from excavations or museum studies
  • Old wood from historic buildings or other monuments or shipwrecks, etc.
  • Wood from old trees from forestry, construction, or other work
  • Any subfossil trees encountered

New York State and North East North America

  • We are interested in all wood from the present back to the late Pleistocene. This ranges from historic houses and buildings in New York State and Northeast North America (including southeastern Canada) to old and even very old wood from excavations, ponds, lakes, road cuttings, etc.
  • We can arrange to carry out the sampling where appropriate. Please contact us to discuss.

Sampling guidelines

If you are interested in submitting archaeological samples for dendrochronological analysis, please refer to our sampling guidelines. These are available in: English, German, Greek, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, Croatian, Arabic and Turkish.

Those of you sending samples from outside the USA should print out a copy of our letter from the USDA regarding wood importation, and attach this as a packing slip on the outside of the package. It isn't quite an importation permit, but it may dissuade the customs people from tearing open the package and/or burning the contents!